Customer Relatipnship Management

Our CRM service is designed to help our clients to reduce their energy consumption and to have a magnificent impact in their business development. The deployment of our Point of Sales (POS) and Service Desk Supports as given us an extraordinary recognition and provides a one stop shop to many more clients who approach us for the same service.
Flexible solution
Make your workflow easier. Highly flexible configuration options allow you to use only the features you need. Enabling features is as simple as clicking a button.
CRM-service looks and works exactly as you want and need it to with just a few clicks.

Easy to start
Software as a Service model allows you to quickly deploy a service without the traditional IT infrastructure costs. All software and infrastructure are hosted in our secure data centers. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with a modern web browser.
Succeed with your CRM-project
Three most important factors that should be noticed:
1) Lead the project from business perspective.
2) Create a definitions of requirements -document.
3) Choose system, which covers the basic features.